A Message from Buddy Steverson


Due to a personal health problem and the NAFTA Free Trade program, our sewing plant, in New Hebron, Mississippi, closed its doors in 1995.  The production and sale of Buddy's Jeans was stopped.

Thanks to the Lord, a partnership has been formed between Buddy's Jeans and Jane Berry Little.  Jane, who has purchased the product line and trademark, is a lifelong resident of New Hebron, where Jane and Buddy's Jeans were born.  The partnering of our two families is not new, both my dad and Jane's dad enjoyed a deep friendship and close business relationship.  Their legacy lives on within the two of us.

I want to assure you, the customer, Buddy's Jeans is remaining true to its roots:  a garment made to the highest standards and a garment made in the USA.

My special thanks to our faithful customers for your past support.  Your continued requests for Buddy's Jeans have made their return possible.  I truly thank you. God Bless!

Always your friend,