The History of Buddy's Jeans

Buddy's Jeans were designed and originally manufactured by Buddy Steverson of New Hebron, Mississippi. Buddy worked as a rancher and rodeo cowboy, as well as a manufacturer all his life. Living this way, he found out first-hand the kind of jeans it takes to hold up when you work from can to can't. He could not find a single pair in the stores that would pass his test. Most of the jeans he bought would have twisted leg seams after the first washing. The front pockets would have holes worn in them long before the garments wore out -- especially when he had them full of staples, keys or change. At the time he started developing Buddy's Jeans his size was an in-between (odd size) that no store handled. This caused Buddy to wear a jean too large and made him realize there were people all over the world with this same problem. He wanted jeans that were tough, durable, comfortable, and yet affordable. What he was looking for was a jean that was as dependable as his horse.

Buddy was in the manufacturing business for thirty-nine years and he sold thousands of jeans all over the world. Jane Little, of New Hebron, Mississippi, a life-long friend of Buddy Steverson obtained the trademarks and patterns for Buddy's Jeans. She has restored this great product back into the market place. Jane is proud that the jeans will continue to be a quality product made in the USA.